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Welcome to Takamatsu Martial Arts

Committed to Excellence

Two-time US Professional Kickboxing Champ at Two Weight Classes

We Train: Boxing, Karate and Muay Thai

Home: Welcome


All Martial Arts have great striking and defensive techniques. Having exposed to and mastered in several Martial Arts styles, the founder of Takamatsu Martial Arts, or TMA, offers the most practical striking skills and defensive movements which are applied to the real world such as competitions and self-defense. The founder will share and teach many "tricks" and "tips" that many active competitors use today. Further, the founder's ability to provide personalized support in 3 different languages (English, Spanish and Japanese) will ensure you in achieving your goal effectively.

Hiroshi "El Samurai"  Takamatsu

Founder/CEO/US Champion/MBA

My name is Hiroshi Takamatsu whose Kickboxing Ring Name is "El Samurai." Also, I go by "George" so you can call me whichever name you would prefer. I am a 2-time US Professional Kickboxing champion with 42 professional and 70 amateur fights. When I was 21 years old, I came to the US to study at Temple University in Philadelphia. While studying, I competed in many amateur fights and turned into a professional fighter. Through my strong commitment to balance between fights and work life, I was able to earn both Bachelor and Master degrees while having won two Professional Kickboxing titles in two weight classes in the US.  "Bun-bu Ryou-dou" is an expression in Japanese that emphasizes the importance in balance between Education and Martial Arts, and that expression has been the foundation of who and what I am today. 

Through teaching the Martial Arts with focus on Kickboxing, Boxing, Karate and Muay Thai, I would love to help you and family members in building confidence that ANY goals can be achieved by discipline and support that TMA offers.  

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Takamatsu Martial Arts Training

We Put Your Needs First

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Beginners to Professionals


Practical Self-Defense

Muay Thai

Regional & National Competitions

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